massage, soft tissue manipulation and exercise advice to reduce physical aches and pains.

about christos

I'm an accredited sports + remedial massage therapist. I trained at the Natural Health Science School of Athens, one of the top complimentary medicine schools in Athens, graduating in January 2009.

Since graduating I’ve mastered many complementary, highly effective and advanced techniques including dry needling, cupping and fascial release. Combined with sports + remedial massage they promote faster healing and ease of movement.

Although I was born and raised in Greece I graduated as a nurse from the Ain Shams university in Cairo (Egypt) with a BSc (Hons) specialising in A&E. After completing my studies abroad I returned home I enlisted for a five year term as a volunteer in the Greek navy, where I trained as a combat paramedic.

After several deployments I had some injuries and discomfort in my body and so had to retire from active duty. Through the rehabilitation process, which included soft tissue work, I discovered the benefits of Sport and Remedial Massage. I then decided to redirect my career into this field, and a trained as a massage therapist, still today attempting to heal and help people just as I did as a nurse.

My many years of extensive experience in body work have given me excellent palpation skills. I have mastered a wide variety of techniques which I use in treatments that best fit the patients’ needs. I try to get to the core of the problem, maximising the success of treatment. I am dedicated and have great passion for learning, continually educating myself in new health and massage matters and in so doing I try to stay up-to-date with new developments in the field.

I treat a variety of conditions, including typical sports injuries, headaches, general tightness and discomfort. However, I have found over the years that the key to any treatment is to put the client at ease by creating an atmosphere where healing can happen in the body.

Besides sports & remedial massage, deep tissue massage, western medical acupuncture (dry needling), lymphatic drainage and pregnancy massage I also offer fascia stretching, spinal manipulation techniques, reflexology, and kinesiology taping, amongst others.

Outside of work I volunteer for an ambulance service and dedicate my spare time to my passion for ultra-running, rock climbing and rowing.

My most favoured techniques include:

  • deep tissue massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Western medical acupuncture (also known as dry needling)
  • Many fascial techniques
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Pregnancy Massage